four best friends and their one-eyed cat

The Characters


Chatty, sociable and kind. She’s the glue that holds the Playdate Adventure Club together. Likes animals (especially cats) and has big dreams of saving the world one day.


Loud, confident and intrepid. She’s a born leader but can sometimes get carried away. Likes schoolwork and wants to be a scientist when she’s older, just like her mum.


Shy but brave when she needs to be. She relies on her friends to give her confidence. Loves dancing, especially street dance, but only in the privacy of her bedroom.


The newest member of the club. He’s shy, like his cousin Cassie, but not when it comes to going on an adventure. Is obsessed with watching nature programmes.


Big, white and fluffy with grey ears, paws and tail. He’s blind in one eye, but that’s what makes him extra special. Likes chasing mise, climbing trees and going on adventures.
Is also a cat.

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