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THE WISHING STAR – a space-fuelled adventure that teaches us the importance of saving our planet

It’s the start of a new term and Katy can’t wait to have her two best friends over for a playdate. Katy, Cassie and Zia find themselves transported into outer space when their rocket made out of recycled waste magically becomes life-sized. With the help of Katy’s cat Thunder, the friends navigate their way to the Wishing Star. But as they prepare to make their own wishes, they discover they have a greater mission: TO SAVE PLANET EARTH.

THE NORTH POLE PICNIC – an icy-cold adventure where we meet a host of Arctic animals and learn about climate change

Winter has arrived, and the girls decide to cosy up with a picnic in the North Pole. But to their surprise the animals give them a frosty reception. Before they can enjoy snowflake-shaped sandwiches, shimmering doughnuts and mountains of ice cream, they must first win the trust of the Arctic Queen and discover why the North Pole is melting.

THE MAGIC OCEAN SLIDE – a slippery adventure that plunges us with a splash into an ocean full of plastic

On the hottest day of the year, the friends imagine a water slide coming out of Katy’s bedroom window. As they plunge into an underwater world, they can’t wait to explore.

But when they meet a dolphin in distress, they realise the ocean is in big trouble. It’s so full of plastic that the sea creatures have been forced to flee their homes. Can the friends come up with a plan to put things right?

The Magic Ocean Slide
THE GIANT CONKER – an autumn adventure through an enchanted forest, with disappearing trees and a message about deforestation

The friends’ latest adventure takes them to an enchanted forest where they set out in search of the biggest conker in the world. But all is not as it seems.

The trees around them are dying – and where are the animals? As they try to work out a way to help, the girls discover how vital trees are to all life on Earth.

The Great Safari Rescue – set in the sweltering African savannah, it’s a race against the clock to save the last watering hole from running dry.

When Cassie’s cousin Luca joins the girls’ school, they have the perfect idea to make him feel included: invite him to a magical playdate adventure. Together with Thunder the cat, they decide to go on a wild journey to the African savannah in their very own flying safari jeep.

But when they arrive, the animals are in a frenzy. The watering holes are drying up and soon there won’t be anything left for them to drink! Luca has an idea that might just save the day – but will the friends be able to pull it off?

The Honeybee Treasure Hunt – a miniature minibeast adventure through a summer garden that teaches all about the importance of honeybees. 

While eating delicious honey on toast in Zia’s garden, the friends decide to go on a hunt for a bees’ nest. They’d love to learn how honey is made and meet the queen bee herself.

Shrinking down to the size of insects, the group come face-to-face with giant garden creatures and learn just how dangerous the world can be – if you’re a bee. Could this miniature adventure turn out to be their biggest yet?

The Midnight Moon Feast – a magical sleepover through a moonlit forest where the day creatures think it’s night and the night creatures think it’s day.

The friends are having a sleepover when they discover that the usually fearless Zia always sleeps with the light on. To help her, they plan their first ever magical midnight feast!

Soon, they find themselves in a moonlit forest surrounded by forest creatures. But something isn’t right – the animals don’t know if it’s night or day. The four friends and Thunder the cat race to the rescue. Can they save their sleepy forest friends before the clock strikes twelve.

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